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Our Probate Service

Our Probate Service includes:

We provide a full service including applying for the Grant of Probate and dealing with all the Legal, Tax (excluding VAT), Property and Estate Administration affairs – as well as any on-going advice and support.

The Probate Service includes Legal, Tax, Estate Administration and Property matters:

Estate Administration

  • We will communciate with the following throughout the estate administration process;
    • Personal Representatives/Executors;
    • Financial institutions and organisations associated with the estate.
  • Identify, verify and value all assets and liaibilities based in England and Wales, gathering all the assets of the estate and transferring all jointly held assets into a sole name, including property held as joint tenants;
  • Pay any debts and liabilities from the estate;
  • Complete the accounts for the estate;
  • Distribute the estate to the beneficiaries;
  • Set up any Trusts relevant to the estate.


  • Carry out all necessary checks to ensure the validity of any Will in existence;
  • If there is no valid Will, apply the Rules of Intestacy to the estate of the deceased to identify the Personal Representatives and beneficiaries and to establish the entitlement of the beneficiaries;
  • Prepare the necessary documentation for the Grant of Probate application;
  • Apply to the Probate Registry to obtain the Grant of Probate;
  • Manage and assess any claims against the estate;
  • Place all statutory adverts to manage claims against the estate;
  • Assess any variations to the distribution of the estate.


  • Complete tax forms for submission to HMRC including:
    • Income Tax return from 6th April to the date of death;
    • Appropriate Inheritance Tax form, either IHT 205 or IHT 400;
    • Capital Gains Tax return, if required.
  • Correspond with HMRC as relevant to completing the tax requirements;
  • Take any corrective action required by HMRC during the estate administration process;
  • Claim any relevant tax reliefs or exemptions applicable to the estate;
  • Calculate any Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax owed;
  • Ensure payment of any outstanding tax from the estate;
  • Calculate and arrange for the transfer of any Nil Rate Band allowance if available, in order to reduce Inheritance Tax.


Where there is a property in the estate, we can:

  • Ensure the appropriate insurance is in place;
  • Request the Royal Mail to re-direct post to us during the period of administration, to assist in managing all the affairs of the estate.

For an additional fee, we can also:

  • Transfer ownership of registered property from the deceased to the beneficiaries;
  • Appoint a specialist Conveyancer to register any unregistered land with HM Land Registry.

If there is a property to be sold, we can:

  • Appoint an Estate Agent to market and sell the property;
  • Appoint and manage a specialist Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provider to supply the legally required EPC for the property, as appropriate;
  • Appoint and manage a Conveyancer for the transfer of ownership of the property.

Estate Agency, EPC and Conveyancing services are offered at an additional charge to our probate service. You will be notified of any additional costs before agreeing to them.

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